Understanding the Importance of a Building Inspection

A building inspection is an examination done by a qualified building inspector employed either by a town, county or state. He or she is qualified in one or more areas qualifying them to render expert judgment regarding whether a building is up to current code standards. When this structural or fire inspection is done, the inspector will look at several different aspects of the structure. This can prevent costly mistakes from being made when a building is still under construction. These mistakes can lead to injuries, costly legal action and even deaths if the building is not properly inspected.


The importance of Adelaide Building Inspections cannot be overstated due to the potentially life-threatening nature of failing to have them inspected before purchase. There have been many cases where people bought a home to learn later that certain structural defects existed that prevented them from obtaining a mortgage. While the home buyer can have these defects repaired, it often costs more to have them corrected before closing than repairing them after the home is purchased. Often, the home buyer will need to pay for additional damages, which will increase the total mortgage cost. With so many homes on the market, this can be extremely important for the best way to go.

In some places, Adelaide Building Inspections are not done until after the purchase is completed. In these cases, the builder will hire an inspector before beginning construction and often require a final inspection after construction. While most counties require pre-construction inspections, it is recommended that you verify the individual inspector’s qualifications. It is always best to err on the side of caution and get an inspection done by someone you can trust.

A typical building inspection will cover a few different areas of concern. Typically, inspectors will check for leaks and structural damage, but they may also check plumbing and electrical systems. In many cases, the inspectors will also check the roof to ensure it is structurally sound. In all cases, these inspectors are trained to identify and eliminate potential problems before the sale is final. This prevents problems before the buyer gets into the home while also increasing the chances of getting the home inspected by more than one person.

The next thing to consider when purchasing a house is the possibility of unexpected repairs. While it is prevalent for all types of homes to eventually need some type of repair, it can be much worse for those purchasing a house that has not had a building inspection. For example, if a home were to leak into the roof, it would be a good idea to have the roof inspected by commercial building inspectors as soon as possible so that repairs can be made before purchase. On the other hand, if the leak was in a plumbing system, it may be necessary to have the plumbing system repaired before purchase not to pose any risks to the new owner.

An excellent way to avoid spending too much money on these repairs is to have your home inspected before purchasing. This is much less expensive than having the repairs done later after you move in. If there are problems with the roof or some other part of the building, it will cost considerably more to repair them later. However, if there are no problems discovered, a building inspection will disclose the fact before making any final purchases. Therefore, it is advisable to have the building inspections performed before you even purchase your home.

It is wise to have a building inspection performed before you purchase to prevent you from buying a home that will require extensive repairs down the road. Although most builders try to avoid having any structural defects present in their homes when the home buyer purchases, this often proves costly and difficult to correct. If the home inspector discovers numerous structural defects that need to be repaired, the home buyer has the opportunity to negotiate additional financing arrangements for the repairs.