What You Should Know About the Medical Centre

Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is among the five medical facilities in South Australia which offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for many patients with different medical conditions and illnesses. It is also located on the former Stony Brook University Hospital campus, one of South Australia’s first medical schools. This hospital facility is fully equipped to cater to the needs of any patient irrespective of their medical history or ailment. This hospital is known for its special treatment and preventive services as it aims to maintain high standards of health care. The hospital has been providing world-class general and family care services since 1969.


The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre boasts twenty-four beds in its emergency department and a total of fourteen intensive care units. All these are fully equipped to handle any emergency, and there are two operating theatres and a fully automated emergency department. The hospital has twenty-four radiologists, six surgeons, five medical assistants and twenty nurses on board, seven full-time psychiatrists and a psychiatrist consultant who provides round-the-clock mental health support. In addition, the hospital has a pediatric department as well.


The main feature of this Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is its emergency department. Here, twenty doctors specialize in various disciplines, including surgery, cardiology, ENT, orthopedics, neurology, and plastic surgery. The surgeons at the centre have an impressive background in surgery and an excellent record in their respective fields, and they have completed a minimum of 6 years of medical practice. The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre surgeons are Mr Paul G Johnson, Mr Michael Caine, Mr John Stainton, Mr Warren Quay, and Mr Richard Caine.


The hospital also has a fully automated emergency department. The doctors in this department are Mr Richard Caine, Mr Paul G Johnson, Mr James Hodge, Mr Paul Hargrave, and Mr Robert Tappert. These doctors have over twenty years of experience in providing excellent health care services. All these services are provided in a manner that is fully automated and efficient. In addition, it makes the services offered by the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre fully compliant with the Health and Beauty Code of South Australia.


All the doctors at the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre provide free and confidential health check-ups. It is made possible through the use of biometric technology. Such technology means that each patient’s condition and medical history is registered, and the doctor can quickly determine the proper treatment for their case. The doctors themselves can also order tests and medication through the same website and have them delivered to your doorstep, so you do not have to drive down the country and spend time in the car.


All the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre doctors understand the need to offer high-quality, reliable and quick service. In this regard, they have invested substantially in their emergency room. As a result, the ER is fully stocked and well equipped and has state-of-the-art equipment, including an imaging machine. It makes the treatment here much more comprehensive and faster than those you might have to undergo if you visited a regular hospital.