Pros and Cons of Cement Rendering Gold Coast

When we speak about rendering, it will always highlight cement renders. As the oldest form of rendering, cement renders have gone a long way. However, it’s still relevant in today’s construction trends and is one of the most used rendering types for a large portion of Australian homes. Cement rendering Gold Coast is known for its durability and protective features. With the right mixture, it can also last longer than any other type of rendering. However, like other render options, it does have its fair share of downsides. We want to give the full unbiased overview of the most popular rendering option available right now. That’s why we bring you the pros and cons of cement rendering.




Extreme Durability


Let’s start with the obvious. One of the main selling points of cement renders is its durability. By applying a considerable layer of cement render onto your outer walls, it can provide substantial amounts of protection and security. Made from premium-quality cement, plastering sand, and lime, cement renders have all the qualities that will withstand any fire or weather elements. While it takes the beating, your walls are safe and secure.


Prevents Deterioration of Your Walls


One of the main factors that can hinder the quality of your outer walls is moisture. Without a protective coating, moisture can seep through your walls and weaken the foundation of your home. That’s where cement rendering Gold Coast comes in handy. By coating your walls with at least three layers of cement rendering, you can repel moisture from entering your walls.


Long-lasting Protection


Cement rendering is also known for its longevity. Its properties are made to not only withstand the outdoor conditions but will also prevent it from deteriorating fast. That way, it can serve you longer and provide your walls with ample protection.





Lack of Flexibility


One of the main drawbacks of cement rendering is its inability to be flexible with your wall. Here’s a fact: your walls tend to contract and expand during specific points in a year. For instance, your walls tend to grow during the summer and shrink during the colder months. While these changes might be subtle and unnoticeable, it won’t prevent your cement rendering from developing small cracks which could escalate and become worse.


Not Suitable for Older Buildings


Since cracks are an issue for cement renders, it’s also not suitable for older structures. The reason is that the weak components tend to compromise the quality of your render, leading to cracking earlier than expected.


These are the pros and cons of cement rendering Gold Coast. We hope you can use this as a preference when looking for the ideal type of rendering. For more home improvement tips and tricks, check out our blog page.