Cosmetic Dentist Helps You Achieve That Picture Perfect Smile

A cosmetic dentist can perform various types of dental procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and bonding. These procedures can be very expensive, but if you have teeth that need work done but won’t cost much to get done, cosmetic dentistry may be the right answer. You can often find a good cosmetic dentist Adelaide by looking online or asking family members or friends who they recommend. If you are not comfortable letting anyone know that you want cosmetic dentistry done, you can always take care of it yourself at home. Here are some of the main things that a cosmetic dentist does:

The main thing that a cosmetic dentist Adelaide does is change your teeth’ look, so it’s important to know what you are getting when you go into the office. One thing that most cosmetic dentists do is whiten your teeth a little bit. This is because it doesn’t hurt to get white teeth, and it looks better on most people than having yellow teeth. Whitening can also help make your smile less obvious if there are other signs of oral disease. If you aren’t happy with how your teeth look right now, it’s best to go and see a cosmetic dentist to have it fixed up.

cosmetic-dentist-adelaideAnother common procedure that a cosmetic dentist will perform is called porcelain veneers. If you have damaged teeth or chipped teeth, a cosmetic dentist might be able to give you porcelain veneers instead of just making those damaged teeth stronger. Porcelain veneers are made out of a material that looks like porcelain, and it is bonded onto your teeth so that they look like natural teeth. It’s a painless procedure, and the patient probably won’t realize that it’s taking place during the day. You’ll be able to eat food again in no time and be confident about smiling. There are different kinds of porcelain veneers, and your cosmetic dentist can explain which kind is right for you.

Tooth whitening is also a common procedure that a cosmetic dentist Adelaide will perform. A dentist would whiten your teeth by scraping them or bleaching them in the past, but these procedures can be very painful and messy. There are more options today, though, including laser tooth whitening and other kinds of non-invasive methods. If you’re looking for whiter teeth than you already have, your cosmetic dentist might be able to help you with what you need.

Your cosmetic dental technician will take x-rays of your mouth to see what you have and determine what treatment you need. If you have gum disease, your dentist will likely perform an oral examination to see what needs to be done. Gum disease makes your teeth susceptible to decay, which weakens their enamel. If your dentist suspects that you might have gum disease, he or she might recommend that you see a dental hygienist. Together, a dental hygienist and your cosmetic dentist can determine the best approach to getting your teeth cleaned and what options you have for fixing damaged teeth.

Lastly, a cosmetic dentist uses porcelain laminates to cover your teeth when it comes to dental veneers. You may think this is just another type of fix, but porcelain laminates are bonded to your existing tooth surface to cover any cracks, chips, and gaps. Although there are many options available to you, porcelain laminates are among the most popular because they look natural and are easy to remove if you do not like what you see. Many people consider dental veneers to be an investment in their looks, and with the high cost of regular dental work, that investment might be well worth it. Keep reading to find out what does a DentalExcellence cosmetic dentist do to help you with your smile.