Number of Different Knee Replacements Available

A knee surgeon is a doctor who specializes in conditions which affect the knee and its tendons. Most commonly, a knee surgeon is a medical doctor, meaning he has an M. D. He can also be board-certified as an orthopedic surgeon, which means he has a degree from an accredited medical school and has passed the Orthopedic Surgeon National Exam.

However, there are many other types of doctors who perform knee surgeries. These types of doctors include:

  • A partial knee replacement surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in treating people who have suffered partial knee loss. In some circumstances, this type of surgery may be all that’s necessary to regain full use of the affected joint. Typically, a partial knee replacement will involve replacing a large number of smaller parts within the knee joint. Because of the patient’s condition and the nature of their particular condition will play an important part in the kind of knee replacement surgery performed, you must consult with your expert knee surgeon Adelaide before making any decisions.

The number of different knee replacements available today is staggering. In fact, it’s safe to say that there is some knee replacement surgery for almost everyone. Some patients may need more than one surgery to regain their ability to move on their own fully; others may need only a few surgeries or none at all. Regardless of how many surgeries your expert knee surgeon Adelaide requires of you, it’s important to discuss these options with him or her in detail so that you and your doctor can decide together what the most beneficial course of treatment will be.

  • A total knee replacement surgery involves the total removal of your joint. Depending on your overall health and your specific situation, your surgeon may recommend that you have this surgery done in just one procedure or recommend that multiple surgeries are performed over time. The total cost of your surgery will depend on many factors, including the equipment you’ll be using, the amount of work required during the recovery process, and various other factors. Your surgeon will make this decision based on your knees’ health and your personal goals for your total health and mobility.
  • The most common replacement surgeries that are performed daily involve the repair of the kneecap and meniscus tears. These repairs generally require minor sutures and minor, non-invasive procedures, although some surgeries may also require arthroscopic procedures to help repair conditions such as patellar thrombosis. You will undergo a physical examination and an MRI or CT scan before your surgeon decides which procedures you will need and which won’t. During your first visit, your surgeon will discuss your case’s scope and determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery. Some people are considered ideal candidates for this type of treatment and those who suffer from minor knee pain that doesn’t subside over time.

Expert Knee Surgeon AdelaideAfter your expert knee surgeon Adelaide evaluates your case and determines that you are a good candidate for a particular knee replacement surgery, he will schedule you for it. In fact, he may even make your first visit a week or two ahead of your scheduled operation. This way, you will have adequate time to prepare for the procedure and learn about the expected outcomes. If you have any concerns or complications along the way, you should discuss them with your surgeon right away. Many surgeons offer round-the-clock support to patients who have undergone any procedure since they know that time is always a factor in recovery.