Are High Heels Bad For Women?

Many effects of High Heels on feet can be pretty discomforting, and one of these effects is pain in the feet. High heels are trendy shoes among ladies due to their numerous designs and social acceptability. However, whether high heels are regular boots, wedges, sandals or even clogs, they too can cause pain in the foot and other parts of your body due to the abnormal shape of the foot forced into an unusual position.

This improper foot position causes many foot problems, including back pain and muscle strain. If you’re wearing high heels all day long, the problem only gets worse. High heels absorb shock well, but they also tend to overstrain themselves, causing pain and damage to the tendons. It causes one to experience frequent muscle and joint aches. In addition, the more you put your feet into a standing or walking position, the more likely you will experience back pain because standing and walking put undue stress on your body, even if you’re wearing less than ideal heels.

Aside from causing back pain, High Heels Australia may also lead to other health issues. The problem with the poor posture created by high heels is that they may pressure your knees, hips and lower back. It places a tremendous amount of stress on your joints, and the more stress you put on your body, the more likely you are to get painful medical conditions. In addition, the feet take a lot of shock during activities, so standing or walking on your toes while wearing heels may very well lead to a herniated disk or even arthritis.

High Heels, Wearing Sandals All day long? The answer is obvious. The longer you wear sandals, the more likely you will suffer from blisters, corns and blisters. It is because the more challenging, thicker material that most sandals are made of will rub against your skin. Because of this constant rubbing, your feet will begin to suffer from skin irritation. And since the scandal irritates, likely, you’ll also get a rash due to wearing sandals all day long.

Another reason why women are more prone to back problems is that they wear heels that do not have proper arch support. When you wear heels that do not have proper arch support, you put undue stress on your back. Arch support goes a long way in relieving back pain, and wearing heels that do not have proper arch support will lead to severe back problems and may even lead to arthritis. So when shopping for new shoes, be sure to check the arch support, because it makes a big difference.

More muscular Legs – Last but not least is the weak muscles in your legs. Again, your legs will feel the strain because your body does not have the same support as it would if you were wearing flat shoes. When you are wearing high heels, you do not have the same posture when walking as you do when walking without heels. In addition, the extra weight of your body adds pressure to your legs, which weakens them.

More muscular calves and thighs – Finally, and probably most importantly, is the strength in your calf and thighs. Your calves and thighs are the support that your foot needs. If you are wearing high heels, you put unnecessary stress on your calf muscles. In addition to this, if you wear high heels for an extended period, you put undue stress on your quadriceps muscles. Your quadriceps muscles are essential for walking, running and jumping.

In conclusion, it is well documented that women who wear heels suffer from many ailments, including back pain, osteoporosis, varicose veins, varicose lumbar pain, and lower back pain. As a woman, you owe it to yourself to do what you can to protect yourself. If you currently wear high heels or are thinking about wearing heels, make sure to purchase a pair of comfortable and supportive footwear. Remember that the goal is to make your body happy, not your back.