Should You Get Legal Aid Family Law Darwin? Find Out Now!

This article will provide all the relevant information that you need to know about legal aid and family law. It will explain what legal aid family law Darwin is and when it’s made available to you. We’re also going to discuss the different types of help that this claim will cover. Finally, we will provide information on the evidence and proof needed for legal aid in family-related disputes about arrangements for properties and child custody.

What is Legal Aid?

legal aid family law DarwinLegal aid involves the use of government funds to help pay for legal advice, family law matters, and court tribunal representation. The Australian legal aid agency is held in-charge of providing legal aid here in the Land Down Under. When it comes to legal assistance, there are usually three common factors to consider:

Scope – the matter is within the scope of the legal aid

Means test – you’re unable to afford all of your legal costs.

Merits test gives the chances of success, the justification of the cost, and whether or not a reasonable person would use their money to pay for the legal case.

What Family Matters Can You Get for Legal Aid?

When it comes to legal aid family law Darwin, there are certain things that you need to know. Legal aid is made available for the following family issues:

  • Family mediation, to resolve disputes about finance and children on a relationship breakdown. Click here to get more information on how mediation costs can be covered.
  • Application for an occupation order or non-molestation order.
  • Application for child custody, child arrangement order, specific issues order, or prohibited steps order.
  • Request for a restraining order.
  • Representation for children who are had a party to family law proceedings.
  • Proceedings brought by the local authority for a supervision or care order.
  • Applications for forced marriage protection orders
  • Cases where your child is going to be taken out of the country without your approval or consent.

Evidence won’t be needed when you’re talking to a legal aid attorney for civil legal advice attorney. However, the evidence is required to assess whether you’re eligible for legal aid. Click here to find suitable legal aid family law Darwin lawyers in your area.

So, as you can see, legal aid is serious business when it comes to having family law issues. It helps you prevent having to pay for your legal needs. Once you’re granted with legal aid, all of your expenses will be covered by the local government.