How To Find Men’s Swimwear That Suits You

Men’s swimwear has come a long way from the days of swimming shorts. A men’s swimsuit is almost always the bare minimum of clothing that any man will wear out on the beach, which is just about all that any man will do out on the beach anyway. While technically, men’s swimwear falls into four general shapes: the trunks, the boxers, the briefs, and the speed. These shapes provide the basis for each design’s primary style, although some can be mixed and matched for variety.

men's swimwearThe earliest design of swim trunks was quite basic, consisting of two-piece swim bottoms and a gusseted front panel to shield them from the wind. However, this basic style was improved upon with the development of swim shorts. Shorts were usually constructed of one-piece material that stretched across the buttocks. They had no support whatsoever and were considered uncomfortable beneath even the lightest swimsuits, but they worked just fine for snorkelers and fishers. These days, both men and women have at least basic interest in purchasing a pair of swim shorts, so the need for the gusseted front panel has been eliminated, and now we have the modern brief, which works as well as a t-shirt, except it leaves ours behind covered from head to toe.

Now we move on to the more traditional style of swimwear – the swim trunks. There are two primary fabrics in most men’s swimwear today: nylon and spandex. Nylon swim trunks are generally the most affordable, while spandex is more expensive and gives the body a nice, full appearance. Most men opt for a high-quality nylon swimsuit, but some will settle for low-cost spandex, so which one to choose comes down to personal preference. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry – there are plenty of inexpensive nylon selections that look as good as higher-priced counterparts, so don’t let cost be your only guideline for buying a swimsuit.

Nylon swim trunks typically come in three styles: straight (which leaves the back pocket barely exposed), V-shaped (which creates a curve under the body to help show off the abs), and “spaghetti straps” (which look like stretchy bands and offer no coverage from the back pocket). Straight swim trunks are the least comfortable of the different types of men’s swimwear on the market. The fabric pulls in and compresses against the body, making the wearer feel like a weight hanging over his shoulders. This is not a design to look for in a swimsuit. If you’re planning to wear these, opt for the shortest length possible.

On the other hand, V-shaped swim trunks offer more coverage from the back pocket while allowing you to show off your abs. The most flattering style for a man’s body is probably a straight line and a V shape. Mesh lining and shorts are the most common type of mesh shorts. These offer the greatest amount of support and are comfortable to wear during any season.

Regardless of the style of men’s swimwear you choose, make sure you invest in a good pair of underwear made from high-quality fabric. Chemises should also be considered an important investment, especially since they will probably be worn underwater several times throughout the day. Finally, choose swim trunks UPF 50 to have a comfortable experience even when you’re out at the beach.