3 SEO Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Website Google Ranking

Sometimes, the trick to establishing s solid SEO marketing strategy lies in not what you should do, but instead in what you must not do. With that said, here are three common SeoMarketer Melbourne SEO mistakes that can potentially ruin your website’s Google rankings:

Not Having a Mobile-friendly Website

We’re currently living in a mobile-first world. That means people are relying on their mobile phones more than ever. So, by making the mistake of not optimising your website for mobile use, you can potentially lose a lot of customers or followers in the process.  Nowadays, a website must be mobile-responsive. A massive chunk of internet users is on their mobile phones. So if your website isn’t mobile-optimised, navigating through it using a mobile phone can be inconvenient. Besides, Google is now penalising sites that are not mobile-optimised. That’s why we highly suggest that you prioritise on this first before anything else

SeoMarketer Melbourne SEOYour Website Takes Too Long to Load Fully

Another issue about your SeoMarketer Melbourne SEO is that your website is taking too long to load fully. Remember that the attention span for every user when accessing a site is three seconds. Anything more than that and they will shift to another website that can load faster. You’re competing with other websites for attention. So don’t let low page load speeds to become the main detriment that will prevent visitors from accessing your site. You can contact your web developer to try and fix this issue before you lose any more potential clients.

You Have Multiple Duplicate Content

Sometimes, for SEO, outreach, and ranking purposes, you may have to use the same content more than once. However, going about this the wrong way can potentially hurt your search engine rankings and overall SEO goals. You’ll need to fix this issue before Google starts lowering your site rankings. There are ways in which you can handle this issue. Some of these methods include using canonical tags and robot.txt to indicate which of the content you want to be crawled by the search engines and which should be ignored and left aside.

Get to know more SeoMarketer Melbourne SEO mistakes by talking to one of our professional SEO experts. You can as well hire one of our professionals to fix any issue that your website may be experiencing. Visit our website now for more details.