What’s a Land Survey and Why Do You Need It?

Though a land survey could look like tiresome and unnecessary, still, there are several cases wherein you should have your land surveyed for you to avoid legal conflicts later. A land surveyor will examine available records about your property, comprising titles and preceding surveys. He/she will likewise physically assess and measure the property, check dimensions compared to the previous data to uncover any inconsistencies. In surveying a piece of land, here are a few important reasons to consider.

If you are purchasing a piece of real state, you must always think about a new land survey. It is still ideal to have a survey performed even though various mortgage companies or title insurance firms do not require one. You ought to be mindful of any boundary differences that can influence the value of your property before buying it.

Before you reach an agreement to purchase the property, any arguments about the boundaries should be properly resolved, or else, you will face a legal problem soon after.

If you are planning to sell your property, you can as well want to contemplate about having a land survey completed as such is mainly essential in regions where road access is questionable. Verifying the condition of roads on your land can assist your realtor in determining how marketable is the property.

Coastline footage and acreage are two additional selling points that can be measured by a land survey. Several purchasers may put in a deal that is reliant on a survey; if you have it performed beforehand, you can save time and boost the possibilities of selling your property promptly.

Consider having STATESurveys Surveyors Adelaide mark the precise boundaries of your property before building a shed, fence, or other structure on your land. Through that, you can have the assurance that you are not constructing on your neighbour’s property, and you can guarantee to yourself that you are not fencing out any land that is not yours. As such is mainly essential when constructing a house or other sizeable, lasting structure.

In situating such a building, there are numerous things to keep in mind, including easements, setbacks, and other requirements that will be visibly shown on your new land survey. Do not ever allow your contractor or builder to decide where to put this structure, as they will most likely not be any more mindful of your boundaries than you are.

Likewise, have a survey performed by STATESurveys Surveyors Adelaide done if you think your neighbour is constructing such a structure and you believe it to be on your land. As such is the first action towards solving any violation concerns and guaranteeing that your property remains yours to utilise. Similarly, if you and your neighbour disagree in any manner about the exact boundaries of the land, a survey will generally settle such issues.

Making use of an outdated survey to verify boundaries leaves you at a disadvantage. Newer measuring methods, comprising GPS, indicate that more modern surveys will be highly accurate. Several regions, particularly rural land are not yet being-surveyed since the nineteenth century, which means that in numerous cases, neighbours might be mistakenly intruding on each other’s property.