Carpet Cleaning

We will take care of the entire gamut of cleaning and housekeeping services in the city. Our dedicated teams will render you the best carpet cleaning services. We often pre-assume that carpets are clean simply because they appear clean. Nonetheless, there are two main reasons for availing this service, namely health and appearance.
With regular vacuuming, carpets look fagged and subtle. Vacuum cleaning will not only eradicate the germs and dirt which have got assimilated within the carper but also make it more hygienic. Experts recommend that the process should be repeated every 6 or 12 months to prevent the hard stains from getting deposited, and germs or grit in heavy traffic areas. This is the main reason you should try this unique cleaning service we offer. Trevor Ashwell’s professional service will help you in maintaining vibrant colors, and make the carpet look fresh. It will also remove the hard stains and ensure a healthy living and working ambience.
Our professional carpet cleaners utilize two cleaning methods- carpet shampooing and by extraction of hot water. The hot water extraction processes include carpet spraying at high pressure with a blend of cleaning agent and hot water. This will help in losing the soil grime and dirt from the carpet.We have  the  expertise and specialised equiptment  to effectivley clean Flotex  Feltex and simuliar products

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