Understanding How TENS Machines Work

When you hear someone using the words TENS machine, you may think of a machine that gives people the power to feel the pain of car accidents. Or maybe you’ll hear someone using the words TENS machine Australia when it comes to dealing with a sore back. However, the term TENS does not stand for what you may think it does. Instead, it stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This technology has been used for quite some time but has only recently become a common way of treating pain. It works through the stimulation of certain points on the body to relieve pain.

A TENS machine Australia consists of several different pieces. First, some electrodes are taped on or around the body. Then there are plastic electrodes attached to the skin either by the person wearing them or by a medical device used to provide them. There are also metal clips that are placed on the skin or clothing that provide electrical energy. Finally, there are small amounts of TENS gel that are attached to the skin or clothing.

There are two types of TENS machines that people commonly purchase. One uses TENS gel, and the other uses TENS electrode pads. The most common type of TENS machine Australia that people purchase uses gel. The gel is placed on the skin, and the person applies the electrical current to the area being treated. These types of machines can be found at many different pharmacies and medical spas.

TENS machines provide the physiotherapist with another way to help the patient. When the physiotherapist uses a TENS machine, the patient doesn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the clock to see how long they will need to be in the hospital. Instead, the physiotherapist can make adjustments to the treatment as needed. The only disadvantage to using these TENS machines is that they can be uncomfortable, and the patient may have to be careful not to touch the areas where the TENS machine Australia is working because they could cause a potential burn.

Electrode pads are used when zoetech.com.au/products/tens-device TENS machines work in conjunction with electrotherapy. The pads are placed on the body, and a small electrical impulse is delivered to the muscles. These pads can be soft or firm and can deliver consistent pulses of electric energy to the muscles. For example, these pads are used on the leg, arm, back, or neck and deliver a pulse of small electrical impulses that cause the muscle to contract.

When you feel the tingling sensation caused by the electrical impulses, it is important to remain calm and not move the arm or leg. A therapist should guide you to keep still if you are uncomfortable. It can take several minutes for the machine to start working, so do not become anxious about it. If you think you are ready to remove the electrodes, the therapist will instruct you on how to do it safely. Many people find that they do not need a machine if they are experiencing the sensation on their own, and they can relax their muscles and release the tension in their bodies without the assistance of a machine.