Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning the tile floors is a hard task. It is mussy, uneasy and almost impossible to get the deep-clean outcomes that come along with professional tile & grout cleaning. It is because grout, which is a porous surface, accumulates dirt, spills and grime, frequently discolour the surface. Regular mopping and spot cleaning doesn’t reach up to the concealed dirt present within the pores of your grout lines. Our professional grout and tile cleaning service restores the sheen to your floors, making them look like a brand new one.
At Trevor Ashwell, our expert floor tile cleaners accomplish much better outcomes than any hard cleaning could ever do. Our trained technicians start by inspecting your floor to find out the best treatment procedure and the appropriate cleaning agent. Next, our latest steam cleaners will ensure the high pressure water with the blend of vacuum that extracts dirt from deep within the pores of your grout and the tile. Though it is gentle and safe for your floors, our unparalleled grout and tile cleaning verge is highly efficient. Once the tile is clear, a finishing surface or of clean color or sealant will prevent your gout and keep living incredible.

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